The GSResources FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer the questions that we commonly receive.
If there is a question that you feel should be added to this FAQ, then please contact Frank.

General Questions

Why the change to the website?
The change was made to the website because the website had been originally designed using Microsoft Frontpage. The product hadn't been supported by Microsoft for several years and it's Extensions were considered a security risk. Our webhost then stopped supporting the Extensions in the Fall of 2014 making it where we could no longer make changes to the website. So the website is being completely rewritten using the latest web technologies.

When will the website be completed?
Work on the website is done on a "as time permits" basis, therefore this is hard to predict. I (Frank) hope to have all the work completed by August 2015. The Bike of the Month, Owner's Gallery and Photo Gallery sections have been completed. Pages will be temporarily unavailable until I get them redone. Be sure to check About-Website Updates on the navbar for the latest update information.

What are these "latest technologies" that you talk about?
The webpages are written using PHP programming language and are designed using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and Javascript. While this requires you to be using a modern web browser, it gives you a better website experience by enhancing usability. It also ensures that our website will be working for many years.

The webpages are also designed to be responsive. This means that when viewing the pages on a phone, tablet or PC, the pages will automatically adjust for the different screen sizes. The website should display properly regardless of the device that you are viewing it on, the forum included.

The webpages look like garbage. What can I do?
Odds are that your web browser is too old and needs upgrading. From both a security basis and its support for the latest technologies, the Google Chrome browser is highly recommended.

Forum Questions

What are the rules concerning behavior in the forums?
The forums are run under the general rule that everyone be civil to one another - under all circumstances. No name calling, baiting or trolling. Just because someone says something in a post that angers you does not give you the right to "go off" on that person. To do so may get yourself banned from the forums permanently. The forums are watched by moderators to guard against such behavior.

What can I do if someone breaks the rules in a post?
Go to the post and click on the Report Post button. This will send a report to the Admin and all Moderators. They will then respond appropriately.

Why can't I log into the forum?
If you don't log into the forum for more than 6 months, then chances are that all of your account information was purged. These purges are done regularly to keep the database to a reasonable size.

If my account is deleted, how can I rejoin the forum?
Simply register for the forum once again. You may be able to use your old forum username, if someone else hasn't taken it. If you are successful in creating a new account using your old username please note that old posts and threads will not be connected to your new account.

My name is in the Owner's Registry so why can't I log into the forum?
The Owner's Registry and the forum run from 2 separate databases. This requires you to register for each separately.

What are the "Site Supporter" or "Super Site Supporter" labels by a person's name?
When someone contributes to The GSResources one of the titles is added to their forum avatar. This remains for 1 year unless they contribute again. If they choose not to, then the title is changed to "Past Contributor".

What are the benefits of supporting The GSResources?
You support the best resource for Suzuki GS information on the Internet. When the website was no longer being hosted on free servers, the decision was to go to a user-supported website. The understanding was that if it was not supported by its users, then it would go away. Happily, it has been self-supporting since then.

There is also another small benefit for those who use Private Messages in the forum - the size of your mailbox is increased. "Site Supporter" member's mailbox size goes to 150 messages and "Super Site Supporter" members mailbox size goes to 200 messages.

And yes, I appreciate your support!