April 2002
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS450T

Owner: Rick Dargento

ID #148

A Note From The Owner...

I purchased this GS 450T in 2002 from a Honda collector in Palm Beach Florida. His son found the bike in New England and shipped the bike down to his dad. When, I went over to his warehouse to see the bike, I was amazed by the condition of the bike. The only visible defect was a small scratch on the gas tank. I had the scratch repaired and the bike is perfect. The actual milage on the bike was 3,947. The engine was perfect and ready to run.

This bike is light (398 lbs dry) reliable and versatile. Maintenance is easy and parts are still available. The seating position is perfect for a 5'8" person. The bike is fast and vibration increases linear with speed, just enough to make you smile. This bike is a keeper, and I am looking forward in passing this bike down to my sons.

Rick Dargento