March 2003
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS1100E

Owner: Claude Privee

ID #135

A Note From The Owner...

In the late 80s I was freelancing at Motocycliste/Cycle 1 magazines and had ridden dozens of bikes of all shapes and sizes. The last thing that I wanted was a Harley clone or a flavor of the month racer Replica.

I owned a couple of 750s and was looking for an old standard liter bike that I could tune to my needs. I did manage to find an almost immaculate '82 GS 1100 E, 250 km away.

I've owned this bike since 1989 and still love it. It's seen 19'',16'',17'' front ends, different forks, swingarms, wheels, brakes, shocks, paint and one engine rebuild while I was working at Motoclik!

Most of the engineering was done by my good friend Eddy Brunet who owned the shop and now manages Diablo Performance Racing. I take care of cosmetic stuff and of course riding it! It's my Motoplus riding instructor bike. When I'm not instructing, I slap on the soft luggage and it's my two-up sport tourer. You can call it my Naked / Cafe / Fighter / Old-skool all around do everything bike!

Claude Privee
a.k.a. solo suzuki