January 2004
Bike Of The Month


1984 Suzuki GS750E

Owner: Steve & Kathy Hyde

ID #122

A Note From The Owner...

What a great site !

I have been a GS owner since 1984 when I bought a 1982 GS1100E. Since then I had a 1984 GS750E which I foolishly sold when I started having kids.

Three years ago I bought a basket case 1984 GS750E which was abused for drag racing. The previous owner had installed a 1990 GSX1100 Katana motor in it !

This was very intriguing for me since I loved the GS750 frame size. When I had my first GS750 I would dream of big boring it or putting 1100 sleeves in it - anything to give me the big litre size torque I missed from my old 1982 GS1100.

So I "went for it" and spent the first summer making it road-worthy. Now I have a very nice "original looking" 1984 GS750E with the power I like, which I enjoy riding with my children.

Mike's Cycle Refinishing of Ottawa Canada added material to the tank to help it blend-in since I had to raise the tank 3 inches for engine clearance.

A very fun ride.

I think I will hang on to this one !

Steve Hyde
Ottawa, Canada