February 2004
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS250T

Owner: Tom Spychalski

ID #123

A Note From The Owner...

Upfront, I must confess...the GS Resources website was the impetus for me getting my GS back on the road, which is why I thought I would add my 1980 GS250T to your online collection. My late father purchased this bike new, and as a college kid, I made payments to the "old man" until the title was passed onto me.

Although in good shape, I did a partial restoration this fall after the bike had been sitting in my garage for 4 years un-started. After one failed "self" rebuild a few years back, I pulled the carburetor and took it down to the local Suzuki dealer. The shop guys "smiled" when they saw the vintage Mikuni. It was worth the price for the guys to rebuilt it to spec.

A few additional parts sources used: Dunstall Replica Power Mufflers provided a perfect fit replacing the stock pipes at 1/3 the cost, (a bit louder, but worth the savings); B&H Specialties provided a custom cut seat cover that fit exactly over the original foam pad. After a new battery, and lots of elbow grease, I was "on the road again."

My thanks to "GS Resources" for the inspiration to clean the spider webs off my Suzuki, and get back on two wheels after many years. Now I have a clean, well-running piece of the GS legacy that I can pass onto my son someday.

Tom Spychalski
Nashville, Tennessee