April 2004
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS550

Owner: Adam Reinke

ID #125

A Note From The Owner...

I just recently finished up the winter work on my '79 GS 550, and I wanted to submit it for bike of the month.

This is my second 550, and the blue body parts, with the exception of the new lower fairing I painted, came from my first '78 550. I liked the blue so much I transferred all of the body parts over to the '79 frame and motor after I got it running. I rescued this bike from a barn, where it sat for over two years without running.

This winter, with the help of other Chicagoland GS'ers, we adjusted the valves, cam tensioner, tested a silicone Real Gasket valve cover, replaced the chain, added a slotted front bracket rotor, installed new tires, polished the wheels, installed a H4 headlight conversion, wrapped the exhaust header with header wrap, painted the exhaust, made mounts for a new lower fairing, and painted the lower fairing to match.

Last year I converted the point ignition to Dyna S electronic and added Dyna green coils and wires. The carbs are fitted with Emgo pod filters and rejetted. It has a Kerker 4-1 exhaust from a later model 550, replaced rear master cylinder, original 550 seat, drag handlebars with new mirrors, ProGrip 721s, and I run Mobil-1 Synthetic Oil in it. I'm probably forgetting some things.

Future plans include new rear shocks, in black, and I am currently painting a new front fender to replace the chrome one to finish off the look.

I love my GS and wouldn't trade it for anything.

See you on the roads!

Adam Reinke