October 2005
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS1000G

Owner: Paul Draycott

ID #119

A Note From The Owner...

My photo submission is a 1982 GS1000-GX that I have restored to my taste. I like to use genuine Suzuki parts, and as I have owned two GS850-GN 1979 models, I have always had a soft-spot for that model's colour. So I hunted down a brand new 1979 model fuel tank in the colour I liked and the bought new side panels and tail unit / cowl. These item's are only available in black, so I had to get the correct paint and stripes and painted them myself.

The exhaust's were harder to find, but they are out there, and I got one from eBay and from a bike show in the UK. Total cost for the pair 150.00 Euro, and they were NEW ! The top box also came from eBay. I purchased it from a really nice guy in Canada. It was white, so I painted it with left over paint I used on the side panels and tail unit.

The engine has been fully stripped, polished and rebuilt buy myself, and it runs wonderfully. These engines have got to be the best and strongest bike engines ever built because they never seem to wear-out if the are looked after. I always change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles.

When storing the bike for the winter, I always fill the fuel tank right up to stop the inside of the tank from rusting, and fill the engine oil sump right up to the top. This helps to keep condensation out of the engine to prevent bearings from rusting and also keeps the seals nice and soft, and helps to stop them from drying out. (Caution: put a note on bike if storing as a reminder not to start engine with to much oil in it!)

All I need now is an original new, or slightly used seat - the one shown in the photo has the original base, but has been recovered by myself. The seat is not a bad match, but as you all know, you can never get that same comfort as the original seat, and the foam is always too soft, or not cut right.

Anyway, this is my bike and I hope you all like her. The bike had 36,500 kilometres on it when I got her, but I have fitted a "MPH" Speedo since then, and I have done 5,723 miles since being completed.

Take care everyone who may read this, and lets keep these GS Suzuki motorcycles running another 28 years - whatever model you ride !

Fantastic web site - you all do a fantastic job.

Stay safe and well.

Paul Draycott
Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire