February 2005
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS650L

Owner: Wayne Harrah

ID #111

A Note From The Owner...

Here is my submission for GS picture of the month. I bought it two years ago, from a man who took it in-trade for some auto repairs, but due to a foot injury suffered in the line of duty as a County Sheriff, he had no feeling in his left foot. Therefore, his wife was afraid he'd get hurt while shifting and so she wouldn't let him ride it. (or so he told me). I rescued it from his garage after many years of leaning in the corner, forlorn and in significant disrepair. It needed just about EVERYTHING to get it going again. I'm quite sure I have invested more in it than I could get out of it if I sold it... Lucky for me that is not in my plans!

I added lots of parts it was missing, new shocks, tires, airbox, etc.... I then had GSR member "Doze" Kozachenko repaint it for me (he lived in Washington State and I lived in Iowa!) and refinished it completely using 92 Lamborghini auto paint. He even rebuilt and repaired my sidepanels and painted them to match. I think it truly has become a nice bike again, although it is still not perfect. I call it the 'Three Legged Dog', as it is one of those sort of friends (like the disabled family pet) that are loyal to you to the end; you just keep them even though nobody else would give you two licks, and they can't help not being perfect... But, even so, this bike looks pretty darned good and runs even better... even as it is.

Thank you for your time,

Wayne Harrah