August 2005
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS1000L

Owner: Michael Falke

ID #117

A Note From The Owner...

My name is Michael Falke. I have been a member of the GS Resources website group for several years. My bike is one of those listed on the model page for the 1979 GS1000LN.

This bike has undergone some metamorphosis since 1998 when I got it from a friend for FREE. In 2004, she was finally finished with a new paint job and some final touches. (or as finished as a continuing project goes)

I am submitting my bike for the Bike-of-the-Month feature because I don't recall ever seeing a 1979 GS1000LN model pictured, and because I have spent a lot of time and emotional sweat into bringing her back from a near-miss with the junkyard.


Michael Falke
Lafayette, LA