November 2006
Bike Of The Month


1978 Suzuki GS1000E

Owner: George Brown

ID #108

A Note From The Owner...

This 1978 GS1000E was not a basket case when I purchased it. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had nothing to do with its pristine condition. All I did was write the check!

I found it on eBay - it was very accurately described (for once!) and un-hyped. It only had about 11,000 miles and had always been well-cared for. I have been very pleased with it, but for the awful suspension. In desperation, I located your wonderful forum and was given the info to improve it drastically.

It now has new Progressive fork springs and 15 weight fork oil - I will probably be putting new shocks on it, but everything else will remain stock.

A big THANK YOU to The GS Resources Forum and its helpful members.


George Brown