December 2006
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS850GL

Owner: Larry Barasch

ID #109

A Note From The Owner...

I'm the original owner of this bike, purchased brand new in 1983. I was so excited to get it, I paid $2800 for it on 2 Visa credit cards. Within a couple of weeks, took my first trip from New York to Virginia Beach. What a way to break in a new bike, especially since I'd never ridden one before. Going over and under bridges on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was a trip in itself,
but well worth it.

Through 1996 I racked up 12,000 miles (not being one to generally ride in winter) and then retired the bike to the corner of my garage for 8 years. After having 4 kids, and feeling it was time to ride again, the bike went to the mechanic for a resurrection-almost like return of the Phoenix! Just came out of hibernation this month, and did the mechanical repairs necessary to make her road-worthy again. The only feeling better than the first day I brought her home 24 years ago, was getting back
on last week.

Hard to describe the feeling, unless you've been there yourself. But the freedom, sounds and wind in my face reminded me of a very important thing which was missing in my life for many years. I feel whole again, and believe this bike is now a keeper! At 46 years old, I'll keep riding, and hopefully pass this legacy on to one of my kids to enjoy in the future.

Larry Barasch,CRS,GRI,CBR