March 2006
Bike Of The Month


1985 Suzuki GS650E

Owner: Ken Froggatt

ID #100

A Note From The Owner...

I bought this baby back in May 2002. It had 17,000 km's (10,550 miles) on the speedo. The seller, the original owner, got married and it sat for 12 years. He was told it had to go to make room for his kids stuff so he took it to the local Suzuki dealer, Turple Bros., and got it going. He also put on brand new sport Metzlers and a drive chain.

The in-line four purrrrrr's like a kitten now. The only money I've put into it was to add a chain guard. Its still only got 25,000 km's on it. I thought it might make a good "Cover Photo of the Month" picture because of the full fairing (don't see many around here for this year of motorcycle) and for the numerous compliments it gets from other riders.

I used to ride a 1955 Matchless 550 back in the 60's and a Norton 750 for a year in 1971. I didn't ride again until I bought this bike. Why did I wait so long. Anyway, I really enjoy your site and look forward to reading more about the GS legacy.

Ken Froggatt
Red Deer, Alberta