March 2008
Bike Of The Month



Owner: Steven Norber

ID #76

A Note From The Owner...

I came across your Monthly Feature Photo Page. Great work and very inspiring.

While I don't want to overwhelm you with my own GS1100E project (the 4 into 2 custom headers are back at the ceramic coater for the 5th time!), I thought sending a photo or two of where it was two years ago, prior to the frame rebuild/reinforcement (and unmentionable other changes) might be something you would appreciate.

My goal was to make it completely streetable, but with a "little extra," hence the engine rebuild with 1327cc pistons (APE cylinder block required), 36mm flat slides, hardened rockers and cams from Web Cam, and, of course, a different front and rear end found at Steele's salvage yard here in Denver.

The front end is from a 2002 Bandit 1200 and the rear off of a 1992 gsxr 750. The wheels are from the Bandit, but I went crazy and recently ordered a set of Galespeed forged aluminums in gold, along with new Galfer wave rotors (hence the "wheels" search to see what else might be out there).

A definite sickness came over me since winter set in and riding has been delayed.

Best regards,
Steven Norber