May 2008
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS850G

Owner: Ted Martin

ID #78

A Note From The Owner...

This is my 1980 GS85G. I bought it used a couple years ago and since then I stripped it down and made some of the modifications below. It had 58,000 km when I bought it and currently it has 74,000 km. When the I bought the bike from the previous owner he had it painted all black. I rode it like that for one year and for the winter project I decided to paint it the Wes Cooley theme.

I just love the colours. When the bike was black I didn't get one person coming up to me and commenting on it. The following year with the Cooley theme I get people making a detour on their way to their car in the parking lot to comment how great it looks. That makes my day!

Some of the modifications include: braided stainless brake lines from Z1 enterprises, Honda regulator mounted on front downtubes, 95 % of the nuts and bolts replaced with stainless socket head, hand polishing on engine covers, top steering yoke, mirror mounts, final drive, hand levers, carb bowls, diaphragm covers and forks, hand made silencer for the header which sounds so sweet, Acerbi hand guards and hydraulic front brake switch.

I owe it all to the GS Resources site for the valuable information I found and the friendly gser's on the forum where I got most of my ideas from.


Ted Martin