August 2008
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS1000G

Owner: Bill Steans

ID #81

A Note From The Owner...

Here is my 1979 GS850GN, It has 34000 mi. I am 34 and the bike has been in the family since it was new. The original owner was my former brother-in-law. Then my father bought the bike and would take me for rides starting at about age 8, there are scratches on the top or the crash bar from my feet.

When I wanted to learn to ride he handed me the key and said "try it out." I learned to ride and took my test on this bike. When he passed away 10 years ago the bike was given to me. The bike means a lot to me and I take excellent care of it.

I will never sell my GS and I have already warned my wife if the day comes I can no longer ride it, whether I'm to old or it's to old, it will stay in the garage and look good no matter what. The bike is all original from '79 except for the foot pegs I added to the crash bar.


Bill Stearns,
Keene NH