September 2008
Bike Of The Month


1978 Suzuki GS1000E

Owner: Colin Hart

ID #82

A Note From The Owner...

I thought you may be interested in my 1978 GS1000EC, that I've just finished restoring.

I picked up this bike from a guy from my work place back in 1992, he told me his mother-in-law had a bike under her house that her son had owned and raced.

He striped it down at one stage and never put it back together. I paid $300 for it, it was a frame with wheels and the rest was in boxes. I put it back together got it bored and used 1100 Suzuki pistons, it still had the stock pipes and was a great bike for the next 100K later as it was running a bit sad (Carbs) it sat there for about 2 years when my wife encouraged me to restore the old girl.

I went to a bit more trouble this time with a complete paint job, standard except for the black wheels. Top end rebuild going back to 1st OS Suzuki pistons and head rebuild.29mm Smoothbore carbs, new wiring harness, all switches disassembled cleaned etc, braided brake lines, fork legs re-chromed, Bitubo rear shocks, seat recovered. The only thing not reconditioned is that fantastic bottom end.

It rides better than new and I am very happy with the end result. Many-many hours and money spent, but worth it.

Thanks to all those with their advise on the technical forum.

Colin Hart (junior member from Australia)