December 2009
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS1100G

Owner: Andrew Keightley

ID #73

A Note From The Owner...

Here's a picture of my restored bike for the GSR. This has been a two year project.


My 1982 GS1100G started as a naked and battered ebay rescue. I rebuilt the steering stem and added the Amco luggage rack (passenger handlebar removed), and then I found a Vetter Windjammer IV from a '76 Wing (with hooded headlamp) that has a good color and pin-striping match. The Vetter mounting rack was perfect dusty NOS, and the replacement windshield was an helpful addition.

I took the dual element turn signals from the front and put them on the back for full running lights all around. I replaced the nearly universal emblem covers (DOHC and Suzuki) on both sides for the matching gold and black trim. Pods and rejetting complement the MAC ceramic pipe. It is a very impressive performer, and comfortable like an old leather glove. And yes, it sounds as good as it looks.

There are lots of old GS bikes out there with this kind of potential. It can take some time to collect all the pieces, but definitely worth the effort. Keep them in the garage for us, please!

I am GS Resources member "endlessGSgeek"

Andrew Keightley