February 2009
Bike Of The Month


1983 Suzuki GS1100G

Owner: Bob Warnock

ID #63

A Note From The Owner...

My name is Bob Warnock, and I am sending photos of my 1983 GS1100G for the photo of the month feature.

I did have a 1979 850G and absolutely loved it. We moved to a Goldwing when we started doing long distance two-up touring. But it was the love of this engine that got me when I saw this "left to rust in the garage GS1100".

I made one call and the owner was going to sell it for parts as the carbs were gummed up, and it hadn't been started for 10 years. At the time it had 7k miles on it. I bought it sight-unseen and took it to a good dealership to have the carbs cleaned.

Back to life she came and she just runs beautifully. Smooth, fast, and great sound.
The bike came with Krauser bags, Blaupunkt stereo, Hannigan fairing and lowers etc.....

I continue to love these engines and this old girl will certainly run with the best of them.

Thank you