December 2010
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS1000

Owner: Neil Dobson

ID #61

A Note From The Owner...

Attached is a photo of my 1979 GS1000C. I bought it as a non-running project that had developed pinholes at the bottom of the fuel tank.

With a little searching, I was able to obtain a new tank from Suzuki which was painted to match and a local company did their best to match the pinstripes. This was a great bike with several period modifications from the 1980s including a Kerker exhaust, K & N superbike bars and volt meter which was installed by a previous owner after a charging system failure. This was one of the best bikes I've ever owned. It has great power and the spoke wheels really made the bike lighter handling.

My love of the Suzuki GS line started at an early age when one of my brothers had a 1979 GS750E that was modified with a 4 into 1, superbike bars and the very popular bikini fairing. My first bike followed suit and was a 1978 GS550E. Since then, I've had several models including the GS750, GS850, GS1000 and a GS1100. Two of my brothers currently ride GS850s and a 1981 GS1100.

Currently I'm working on saving a 1979 GS1000E and a 1981 GS1000GL that was last registered in 1993. As you can tell, I'll never be without a GS to ride.

Thanks for the great website and keep up the great work!

Neil Dobson