April 2010
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS1100E

Owner: Bill Linthicum

ID #53

A Note From The Owner...

This is my 1980 GS 1100E. This bike was originally factory silver. It was owned by Ray Alexander from 1980 -1983. This was the bike he street raced and gave people like me memories of how slow our bikes where. In 1984 Troy Bowman bought this bike and put it back as it was when Ray was racing it. Troy needs ALL the credit for keeping it in such great condition.

The engine was rebuilt with the products that made it fast in the days that Ray raced it. Included in the rebuild, a Full Falicon Trued, Welded, and Balanced Crank with `83 tapered end. Transmission was undercut by MRE. To bolt on was a Falicon heavy duty Clutch hub. V/H high volume oil pump gears. APE heavy duty cylinder studs. Inside the cylinders are Wiseco 1168cc with 10.5:1 piston kit. Head is stock with just a little cleaning up. Manley Stainless steel Exhaust Valves. V/H valve springs with titanium retainers. Dyna ignition and coils. Chrome V/H exhaust. Kehin 33mm CR carburetors with stacks.

This is where I get into picture of this bike. In 1992 Troy came to me to repaint the bike. He picked out a color he really liked; I made the paint and painted it for him as you see it in photo. We have been good friends ever since. Every once in a while he would be out on a country ride and stop by; we would talk and see how good it was still looking. He took great care of this bike.

In 2009 I decided I wanted another old school bike. Looking and shopping around I decided to call Troy for advice. While we where talking I ask if he would be interested in selling his bike. He said that he had not thought of that since he had kept it all these years. He found a couple of bikes for me to consider. So again I ask would he consider selling it. After a couple days he decided to ponder a price. My wife (Paula) and I went to see the bike. After listening to it run a couple minutes and without even a test ride we told Troy we would take him up on his price. I enjoy riding this bike and watching people turn their heads.

Bill Linthicum