January 2011
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS850G

Owner: Andrew J. Fishkin

ID #38

A Note From The Owner...

This is my 1980 GS850GT.

I bought the bike last week, after a 17-year hiatus from motorcycling. Since my previous bike was so nice (1982 GS850L), I went straight back to what I knew and loved.

The bike has 31700 miles and to the best of my knowledge is bone stock except for the (obviously) more modern Shinko 712 tires. Everything works as it should and the fuel gage is even accurate. Last tank returned 42 mpg in mostly highway and mountain riding.

The night I bought the bike, I drove with a friend from Bakersfield, CA to Ventura, CA, 110 miles over the infamous “Grapevine” North of Los Angeles. It was easy and calm in the car before the sun went down, but coming back at 9:30 PM with the wind roaring it was an adventure, especially as it was my first time taking a motorcycle on the highway in 17 years. I was blown all over the place, and even had to slow to as little as 35 MPH at some points, though I cruised at an effortless 75 MPH after the descent.

Got a minor oil drip to deal with right now, but the bike is 30-years-old.

Andrew J. Fishkin