December 2011
Bike Of The Month


1985 Suzuki GS750EF

Owner: Greg Boeckmann

ID #49

A Note From The Owner...

I bought it as a 4 bike package deal from a local bike wrecker.

It is a 1985 GS750EF but I have used allot of the components from the three other 1983 750's I got with it.

All the suspension is from a 1983 model as they are not the same as 1985 units.

I did transplant the stock 85 (Canadian) PDF anti dive mechanisms to 1983 forks.

The only other mod from stock is the Supertrapp header. I'm not sure who made the 4 into1 but the Supertrapp mid pipe and header fit right on it.

The colour was inspired by a 2000 SV650S I had seen at a local bike shop.

The three other bikes have supplied a lot of parts to GS Resources members as well.

Thank you for considering my bike.

Greg Boeckmann