May 2011
Bike Of The Month


1985 Suzuki GS700ES

Owner: Joe Whelan

ID #42

A Note From The Owner...

Like so many others here on the forum, I am constantly scanning Craigslist for a bargain on an old motorcycle and this one came with no exception. Purchased this non-running GS 700ES for $400.00 along with the legendary milk crate full of parts.

I began my rebuild with thoughts of resale but as it progressed I became obsessed with every little detail that went into this machine. I found myself polishing bolts and washers that were never to be viewed again by the human eye. Well long story short after almost two years of tinkering countless nights into the wee hours of the day it has become a permanent fixture in my garage.

Honestly in all fairness this little monster belongs to the GSResources - for without the help and knowledge available here, this build would have never happened. My hats off to Nessim, Renobruce, RapidRay, Russr33, Kingenvenus, Tejasmud, Isleoman, Posplayr, Billy Ricks, tkent02, Rkt -Rch, Salty Monk and Mr Bill Ritter and many more for all your help.

Vance and Hines 4 into 1
Stage 3 jet kit, K & N pods
Vortex rear sprocket
Powder coated swingarm|
Progressive front springs

Thanks to all !

Joe Whelan