June 2011
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS1100E

Owner: Richard Meyers

ID #43

A Note From The Owner...

I purchased the bike off eBay for $350, I was the only bidder. I live on Long Island, NY I had to go to Rhode Island to pick it up it was a morning to night trip.

It was what you would expect for $350. Every time I took a part off acorns fell out that lasted 3 months It was a fight but I think I won. Brakes frozen, master cylinders, inner slide for fork rust inside floating piston rusted, gauges, exhaust, seat, tank, rims painted, carbs, etc. The engine was good outside of head, pan, valve cover gaskets. Mixing parts to make one good, NOS off eBay and the dealer here it is.

Hope you like it

Thank you,