August 2011
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS1100G

Owner: Tom ???

ID #45

A Note From The Owner...

Here is a photo of my new-to-me 1982 GS1100G. This bike is the subject of my LONG posting on the GS Owners forum titled "Quest for the GS." A long story, but I think a good recounting of my search for a pristine, unmolested, low mileage GS liter shaftie. I got lucky several different ways: first, I found a near-perfect "museum piece" (see photo) with only 3600 miles; second, I got to fly to Wisconsin and ride her back on a leisurely trip back to Louisville; third, and most important, this purchase allowed me to meet the very gentlemanly previous owner, and all of my new friends here on GSR.

This GS-G will be well-cared for in it new Kentucky home. I have an '09 Wee-strom as my primary bike, but I love having this new GS after a very careful search. I look forward to many great years of ownership, and learning a ton from my fellow GSers.

Thanks for the opportunity to send you this pic and tell my story.

Best regards,

Tom (aka "Dog")