December 2012
Bike Of The Month


1981 Suzuki GS450T

Owner: Matt Winkler

ID #35

A Note From The Owner...

It is an 81 GS450T. Its been in my family for over 15 years now. It was a barn find that my father came across. It was in rough shape when he got it. Hadn't ran in years, and the paint was trashed. After a little work and a paint job the bike was going. It was the bike I learned to ride on. I spent many hours in the yard learning the ropes.

As my dad got older, he stopped ridding it and unfortunately it sat for a few years. It was my birthday 2 years ago that he surprised me with the coolest gift I've ever been given. All I needed to do was work the carbs over and she was once again alive.

The bike currently has 23k on it, it's never had anything major done. Just routine maintenance. There isn't anything super special about the bike, no mods of any kind. What makes it special is the history it has with my dad and I. Hopefully you take a look at it and consider it for the bike of the month.

Thank you,