June 2012
Bike Of The Month


1978 Suzuki GS750

Owner: Daniel Dominiquini

ID #29

A Note From The Owner...

Hi Mark,

I would like please to submit my bike for the The GS Resources bike of the month.

Here is its story:

Growing up in the late '70s, the "fours" decidedly sparked my imagination! It represented freedom to roam and even then I thought of them as a thing of beauty with their polished and sensuous form. They were, for that little boy, impossibly powerful, lean, perfect, like a superhero.

Now fast forward 30-plus years. In 2010, after being bike-less for a couple of years, I wanted to get a a new bike and was trying to decide what to buy. It was then that I thought: "hey, why not get the bike you first dreamed of having?". So I started my quest for an unmolested "four". I came across with a post of this 1978 GS750 for sale by its original owner! And what a find! It happened that, after 16k of service he decided to retire it and put it on display in his home-office, where it would be idle for 16 years. Needless to say, it was in very good condition, and I had to buy it! After replacing a busted fork seal, a basic tune-up, and some love, it has been stamping a smile in my face, and those little boy's dreams live on.



Daniel Dominiquini (wolverine)