August 2013
Bike Of The Month


1981 Suzuki GS850G

Owner: Frank Maliski

ID #19

A Note From The Owner...

For your POTM consideration, here is my 1981 GS850G. I am the original owner (18,000 miles on the odometer), having purchased this in Scottsdale Arizona all those years ago. Rode it year-round for about three years there, and then my wife and I moved to New Hampshire, where we enjoyed riding around the back-roads for a few years.

Since then, a few more cross country moves, a few kids, life in general, and the bike has been sitting idle since 1988 (last registered in Minnesota). This past year, my son got interested in riding, and suggested we get it back on the road. A splash of gas, new battery, and some Mystery Oil in the cylinders, and she started right up!

Since, we've replaced all the fluids, rebuilt the front master cylinder and new brake hoses. More work to be done this winter, but it's a joy to be back on the back-roads here in New Hampshire with that great GS!


Frank Maliski