September 2013
Bike Of The Month


1984 Suzuki GS750E

Owner: Ken Overton

ID #20

A Note From The Owner...

I bought this 1984 GS750EE new and have owned it ever since. It was unused and stored in a shed from 1990 until 2012, when I decided to start using it again. Some fresh gas in the tank and a new battery, and it started right away! I put on new tires and a clutch push rod seal and it runs and rides just as I remember it did, back in the Eighties.

Everything is completely original from the factory. I've never seen another example of this model in the red color. Only brake pads and maintenance have been done; no repairs have ever been needed. I will try to always keep this bike in its original condition.

Ken Overton
Stouffville, Ontario