January 2014
Bike Of The Month


1983 Suzuki GS750ES

Owner: Ron Johmston

ID #11

A Note From The Owner...

This is my 1983 GS750ES.

I got my GS750 ES in spring of 2008. I am the 3rd owner of this bike, and I love it. Mechanically it was in top shape when I got it, but the previous owner had a tendency to ride it long and put it away dirty so it wasn't too pretty. Since then I have replaced the windscreen and some of the damaged plastic panels, and generally put a LOT of work into getting everything clean. The only changes from stock are the grip end mirrors and the trunk, which I painted and striped to match the rest of the bike. It has 29,000 kms on the clock, and about 7000 of those are mine.

The opportunity to take these photos came up under interesting circumstances: There was a major road works project going on along the route I had chosen for a late fall ride. Unfortunately this involved a detour of several miles along a new "road" that had just been created by bulldozing a path through the forest and laying a deep coat of gravel over it. It was very slow and treacherous going on 2 wheels and it was pitch dark by the time I got back on pavement, but it did pass by this beautiful spot overlooking the river where I stopped among the trees to take these pictures as the sun was setting. So despite the detour, it turned out to be one of my favorite local trips

Safe Riding,

Ron Johnston
Prince George, BC