May 2014
Bike Of The Month


1978 Suzuki GS750E

Owner: Carlos Arango

ID #7

A Note From The Owner...

There is cool story behind this great 78 GS750E, don't know exactly for how own long this bike sat.

It only had 3,600 miles before it got a complete engine overhaul in 2011.

I owe the pleasure to my Cousin Jose, a Master Bike mechanic from Congress AZ, bike came from his shop in AZ, now in my garage in Long Island NY.

He completely rebuilt top end, carburetors, calipers, front fork, etc, every rubber, seal part, chain, sprocket, brakes, tires was replaced.

My cousin kept me up to date by e-mail with pictures, it was exciting to see all the process of rebuilding the bike.

I got my 1st bike at 12 years old it was a small Suzuki FZ50 plus rode my friends Suzuki's GP 125 and have loved motorcycles ever since.

This GS is very special to me, I always wanted for my 1st bike in the US to be certified by my cousin. I was so happy when the opportunity came along to obtain this bike plus it brings back great memories from my early riding days.

The plan is to keep it stock. It rides and looks great! What a machine!! Thank you Primo!!

I enjoy your site it is fun reading the articles and viewing pictures of bikes of the month.


Carlos Arango