June 2014
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS1000S

Owner: Daniel Hanley

ID #6

A Note From The Owner...

This was apparently raced in the early 80's Super Bike Nationals in Canada.

Don't know much about it other than it is highly modified and goes very, very fast until the battery dies.

Most of the parts are race ready replacements other than the frame.

It doesn't have a VIN number - must have been grinded down for the oil cooler.

Only an engine VIN # V701103145 - 1100 or 1150? Not sure what year either.

Need some direction on stator and regulator upgrades as this bike eats batteries.

Does the 1000 electrical system and an 1100 / 1150 engine get along?

Need some help: dhanley@ail.ca