August 2015
Bike Of The Month


1984 Suzuki GS550E

Owner: Ton Eppenhof

ID #182

A Note From The Owner...

Years ago I bought my second GS550E. I still remember the day as me and my younger brother both bought this model on the same day in 1984. I still remember that I wasn't too happy as mine had a noise in the engine from new which his bike didn't have. For some reason my GS550 was not as good as the one that belonged to my younger brother. I had owned a GS550 before in 1980 and after that I had bought my GS850 but after a few very annoying problems I decided to go back to the GS550 again. Eventually the GS550 had to go as I needed the money to get my own flat and I bought the GS450 that had belonged to my older brother and later to my younger brother. It was a superb bike and it did everything right for me. It was reliable good on petrol and it never let me down. But when I had some more money again it was time for the Suzuki GS450 to go again and after that it was going to be a Honda CBX550 as Suzuki didn't have anything that I liked at that time for the right price. The Honda stayed with me when I emigrated to the UK but had to be sold to buy bedroom furniture. A big mistake really but 8 years later we had to return to the Netherlands as the garage closed down and I had some health problems so I couldn't work as a mechanic anymore.

Back in the Netherlands I decided to buy an old Suzuki Madura from a neighbor as it was really going cheap. That was sold again for a good price and I got myself an Enfield Bullet from 91. A nice bike to see and work on but the work never came to an end.

I wanted something better after the Enfield so I bought a BMW R1100R. I still own that one but I wanted a project so I bought the GS550EZ . De Z is for model year 1982 but it is a 1984 model. It is one that is very rare at the moment over here. I bought the GS550E from a man that was 81 and the bike was too heavy for him at his age. It was a very clean and original bike but it wouldn't run very well when it had warmed up. The bike had done just over 54000km. For me it is a trip back to memory lane and it feels great to have a bike of the same year 30 years later and still looking like this.

I replaced all the parts below:

Tyres front and back
Brake lines front and back and anti dive lines
Rear swing arm bushes
Clutch rod seal
Chain and sprockets
One valve bucket
Tensioner seals and O rings
Float needles
Intake boots
And all the standard service items

Ton Eppenhof