June 2017
Bike Of The Month


1979 Suzuki GS1000L

Owner: Walt Ottenad

ID #236

A Note From The Owner...

I've owned this bike for almost 30 years and through not enough time and benign neglect, it was in pretty sad shape last summer.

Trying to bring it back to life for my son to ride got me started on what became a fantastic rebuilding experience, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the GS Resources forum for keeping me going on it!

The process was more a restoration than anything else - I didn't want to change much at all as far as performance mods were concerned as it was already plenty fast. It is still bone stock except for new pipes, but literally every single fastener, connector and assembly was removed and replaced or refurbished!

Every seal and every piece of rubber on the entire bike was replaced, all master & slave cylinders rebuilt, new brakes, new piston rings, valves lapped, head & cylinders surfaced, engine was painted & cleared, all new carb & carb boot O-rings, all electrical connectors cleaned or replaced, coils rebuilt w/new wires and ends, speedo & tach cut open and cleaned, wiring harness re-wrapped, frame and all attachments blasted and powder coated, new tires, wheel bearings, 530 chain mod with 17/42 sprockets, wheels were polished and repainted polished, engine cases were polished, both broken side cover posts were rebuilt, new paint job with catalyzed primer, base coat color and catalyzed clear with new stripes on the tank and side covers.

The process took almost six months and I now have a (LITERALLY) brand-new 1979 GS1000L that runs better than it ever has in the time I've owned it!

Read the whole story here: http://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?246654-THANK-YOU!-to-the-GS-forum-on-the-restoration-of-my-79-GS1000L