August 2018
Bike Of The Month


1982 Suzuki GS850GL

Owner: Jason Dion

ID #268

A Note From The Owner...

I bought this bike from a local shop when my GS450 proved to be too small. It came with a cracked Vetter fairing. I rode it like that for 3 years without knowing about checking valve clearances. It finally got to the point that it was only running on three cylinders. I decided to stop riding it and picked up another bike, that was just not the same. After sitting in the garage for 10 or so years all run down it has been rebuilt and cleaned up. It took me about 2 years of working and buying parts with the original intent of swapping engines, but went with a top end rebuild and complete clean up instead. New seals throughout, valves lapped, cylinders honed, new rings, all kinds of work done to bring it back to looking and running like a 2 year old version of itself. This has been a learning process for me and has certainly paid off.