June 2024
Bike Of The Month


1980 Suzuki GS850G

Owner: Dave V Redman

ID #405

A Note From The Owner...

In 1993, after having a 1982 GS650G since 1982 and never having any problems with it, I got this 1980 GS850G. I also bought Samsonite luggage and a Windjammer fairing that the owner was selling separately. I put the Samsonite luggage back on, but not the Windjammer fairing
After a while it had charging problems, so I took it to a dealer who replaced the stator. A little later it was apparent that it still was not charging well, so I figured I should learn something about it. In my investigation I found the "bullet" connectors were putting out heat, and the wires were brittle, so I dealt with that using wire nuts (I know, some of you will be horrified) and things were much better after that. I also learned about what happens when leaving the petcock on PrIme for several weeks in the winter. Also learned about the clutch switch and the spark plug caps (not described in FSM). Also learned about replacing the clutch plates and about making valve clearance adjustments. All of which were long and involved endeavors.
It wasn’t until 1998 (1999?) that I got a home-computer, and after going online I found the GSR forum. I found out that all the issues I struggled with was common knowledge on the GSR forum.
In 2005 I went to two GSR rallies (Texas Hill Country and Brown County), and they were both great experiences. The picture was taken when it was for sale in 2006. I offered it for sale with or without the Samsonite luggage. The eventual buyer (Don dpep) wanted the luggage, and sent me a plexifaring to mount for his ride home. He came here to west Michigan and rode it home to Florida byway of GSR rallies in Iowa and West Virginia. I got to see it a couple more times at later Brown County rallys.