Website Updates

Updated the code for all the webpages to bring them up to the latest standards. Removed redundant files and cleaned up the webserver.
Made extensive updates to photo file uploading, email. There are now size limits on image files uploading in order to prevent out-of-memory errors on the server. Also, performed general code cleanup and optimizations in order to improve performance.
Updated the code for the Bike of the Month and the Photo Gallery to restrict images submitted to 2048 pixels or less. Larger files were failing due the images causing memory issues on the server.
Updated the recaptcha keys in the Bike of the Month and Photo Gallery submission areas.
Updated all the reCaptcha fields on the website.
Updated the "Upcoming Events" on the homepage.
Added a new section under the Technical heading called "Brake Caliper Rebuild Series". This was submitted by Mark King. Thanks for the fantastic write-up!!
Updated "Upcoming Events" on homepage.
Fixed a bug in the Photo Gallery code where files that were uploaded with a capitalized file extension would fail and give a Transform error.
Modified the "Support Us" page so that it listed my gMail address instead of my old Yahoo address. Also modified the Paypal button for the same reason. Added more info to the page itself. In particular, the note stating that January 1st starts a new financial year and balances are not carried forward.
Added new 2018 events to the calendar on the main page of the website. Be sure to let me know if you have something scheduled that you need listed.
Added a filename fix to the BOTM editor validation code so it would properly handle .JPEG and .PNG files.
I have added the GS Owners Map to the website. This allows you to view on a webpage, the map that Rob Hayward (azr) has built for Google Earth showing where the various GS owners are located. Go to the link off of the Features menu to access it.
Added the Paint Stripping page to the Yellow Frank Project pages. Click on the Yellow Frank Project-Current Status link to check it out.
Per a recommendation from "Steve" I have added thumbnail pictures to the BOTM (Bike Of The Month) Gallery. This should make it easier for people to hunt down a bike that you've seen previously. This is a good example of someone letting me know of a site change that might be useful. If you have an idea for a site enhancement or addition be sure to let me know (Frank).
It's been a while since I've touched the code here but a Photo Gallery bug resurfaced again. It was affecting submissions from outside the US. It should be fixed now once and for all so if you tried submitting a Photo Gallery entry in the past and it failed then feel free to try it again. It "should" work this time. ;)
Fixed a possible problem where the dropdown menus would not work when viewing the website from an Apple iPad. It should be all set now.
THE WEBSITE REDESIGN IS NOW COMPLETE!!!! This has been a long project but it is finally completed. Be sure to check out About-Website Status for a list of all the new enhancements that you may have missed. Thank you for your patience! I hope that you find the new website more informative and more flexible. If there is some feature that is missing and that you would like to see then be sure to drop me (Frank) a line via email or forum PM.
The Yellow Frank Project Parts Needed and Support The Project pages are now completed. Be sure to check out these pages for information you need to help with the project.
The GS Info-Reviews section is now completed. If anyone would like to complete a review for a bike that you own feel free to submit one for adding to the website. You can either send it to Frank via email or forum PM.
I removed the GS info link from the menu. In looking at that I saw it as being a bit redundant since we have other topics that cover that subject. If there ends up being a need for it later then I'll bring it back.
Added the "Technical-GS Engine History" page. Just a little information about the history of the GS engine and where it has ended.
Added the "GS Info-What To Watch For" page. If there is anything that you feel should be added to this page then let me know.
NOTE!! If there is anything that doesn't work on this website or there are things you want to see then be sure to let me (Frank) know!!! While I try to test everything as much as I can, there can still be problems. I don't know if things are amiss unless someone tells me, so let me know via email or forum Private Message.
I have implemented the editor functionality which allows me to add new Site Update entries to the database. Until this point I had been entering the data manually into the database. Yes, it doesn't do much for you other than allow me an easier time of entering this info. As of now, all major coding is done for the website and all there is left to do is complete the missing pages. This has been a major achievement in that I have been working on this since Nov 2014. I have written at least 104 files and almost 17K lines of code for the website. Wow, I do need a vacation!
Added the About-Website Status page. This is to let people know if there are issues going on with the site, anything I have planned on the site and where I am in terms of adding new pages to the site. I should note that you will be able to view this page as long as the server is running so server status may be moot but it's something. I may have that section feed from a page on another server in the future. Due to the additional expense of doing that I am hoping that it isn't warranted though.
After a few weeks of hard coding I got new the Bike of the Month (BOTM) section working. You are now able to submit entries via the website instead of emailing Mark. I hope that you find this easier to use. I have also fixed numerous bugs throughout the system. One big nag was timeouts occurring while viewing the Carb Cleaning series. If you wondering where I have been hiding, well now you know. Behind a laptop coding!
Fixed a couple more minor gotchas in the Gallery code. I think that it's all set now. These glitches however ended up messing up the images for Gallery submissions made in the last couple of months. If you submitted an entry for the Gallery in the last several months and you haven't seen it appear, and you never got a message from us, then please submit your bike again. Sorry about the inconvenience. I hope you find that with the recent Gallery improvements, things will go a bit easier this time.
The Gallery submission code has been updated. It will now accept images in .JPG, .GIF and .PNG formats. Along with that is the elimination of file size restrictions. I know a lot of you were having troubles when trying to deal with images from your phone, so this should make it a bit easier.
The Links page is now completed and active. If you have a link that may be useful to other Site visitors then be sure to let Frank know so that he can add it to the page.
The Yellow Frank project Teardown page has been updated. At this point, the bike is almost totally stripped down.
The Carb Cleaning Series is now online. The was one of the more popular sections so it feels good to have this one done. At this point most of the main sections are operational. I will be working on individual pages such has Links etc. and they will go online as they are completed.
Added the pages for the Yellow Frank Project in the Special Topics section of the website. The bike is here in GA and I have started to work on it. This will be a long term project so updates will continue as the project progresses.
The Stator Papers is now completed and uploaded. Thanks to Posplayer and others for contributing new information to keep the pages up to date!
Added the Model Information page to the website. It is under the GS Info menu. As of this time there are no GSXR bikes in the database so if you have one that needs to be added, then let me know.
Added the Site Updates page to the About menu. This gives visitors the ability to see what's new on the Website without manually visiting all the pages.
Added the GS History page to the website. This was a page originally done by Peter Huppertz.
Added the ability to click on the GS logo and have it bring you to the website homepage. Minor bug fixes.
Moved the website from Hostgator to a new webhost (InMotion Hosting) because of major issues that we were having with the SQL database. The had also moved Support out to India resulting in abysmal response times. The move took less time than initially estimated. The site is quite a bit faster than the old website.
Added the Photo Gallery to the website. New functionality added versus the old version. Expanded the photo requirements to allow for bigger pictures which should improve photo quality.
Added the new Owner's registry pages to the website. Uses AJAX for dynamic loading of model information. New feature added where the person who creates a new entry can save the city where they were born and use that to edit their entry in the future. If you didn't enter this city when you originally created the entry you will need to contact Frank to have your account manually updated.
The new webpages are added to the website. Some of the major features are not working yet since they still need to be coded but the Bike of the Month (BOTM) section is active, as well as the Editors and Support Us sections. This includes the BOTM Gallery which has enhanced capabilities over the old version.