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Welcome to The GSResources Photo Gallery submit screen! This is where you can show off that bike that you've worked so hard on restoring. Maybe it's a custom bike that is pretty radical or maybe a mint condition stock bike. We would love to see it!!

So send us a picture or two along with a brief description. Include as much info as you can so others know what they are seeing. These pictures are sometimes used by GS owners to aid in restoring their rides.

Image Requirements

  • Image file types supported are .JPG, .GIF and .PNG only.
  • Images must have a height OR width of 640 pixels or more.
  • Images must have a height AND width of 2048 pixels or less.
  • Images must have a file size of 500KB or less.

Please Note...

Once a year is selected, only valid models that were made during that year are displayed. Please consult the GS Model Chart before attempting to fill out this form in order to determine the full model designation for your GS.

If you find that your year and/or model is not listed, then click here to let Frank know. This is especially true for GSX-R models since this is a newly supported model.

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