There are many websites on the Internet that cater to the motorcyclist, but there is also a lot of garbage out there too. The intention here is to list some of the most popular websites that GSR members find useful in repairing and maintaining their bikes. Hopefully, this will save you some time when it comes time to hunt down parts or information.

Give us a hand! If you have found a website that was useful to you then be sure to let me (Frank) know so I can add it to this page. Go to the link here to let him know.

Note: While we try to make sure that the companies and products being represented here are reputable, The GSResources will not be held responsible for anything that may go wrong in your dealings with these companies. As is usual with any financial transaction, "Let the buyer beware!".

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Special Mention!

BikeCliff's Website

This website is run by Cliff Saunders, also known in the forum as BassCliff, and on his website as BikeCliff. Why? Because he plays bass guitar for the Kelly Rae Band. He is heck of a nice guy who is also a fellow geek and spends time (when he can find it) working on his own GS850.

His website is what is often considered to be an extension to TGSR website in that it contains all sorts of useful information for maintaining a GS. There are Owners Manuals and Service Manuals there also. Make this the first place that you check, after you are done perusing TGSR website of course.


Dennis Kirk

They carry a pretty good selection of both Haynes and Clymer manuals for the GS's. The are also one of the largest online motorcycle stores on the Internet.

They don't have a large selection of repair manuals for the GS. As of 7/13/15 they only had the service manual for 1979-82 GS750. What they do have is microfiche for most bikes. At $5 a piece they are a bargain. They are very useful for see the parts of your bike in detail. Remember microfiche is small, so you need a way to blow up the images to see them.

The Manual Store

The name of this site is pretty explanatory - they sell manuals for everything, including Suzuki GS's. Manuals are provided in paper and some are available via electronic means.


O-Ring Kits for Mikuni carbs

Robert Barr, a TGSR forum member, has helped the GS community in putting together O-Ring kits for GS carbs. I can tell you that carb O-Rings are EXTREMELY hard to find. He has gone and put together kits to make the whole process a one stop shop for carb O-Rings.

Be sure to order yourself a kit, especially if you plan on following the Carb Cleanup Series which is located in our Technical section here.

The GS Valve Shim Club

Ray Luthye, another longtime TGSR forum member, runs a valve shim exchange in the forum. This is a good faith service in which you trade shims vs. buying them. Contact Ray via forum Private Messages if you are interested in using this service. This is mentioned because you cannot post directly to Ray's thread in the forum.

Please consider supporting this project by either contributing shims or money. This is a very important service provided to GS owner.

Dennis Kirk

One of the largest online motorcycle stores on the Internet. They sell Suzuki parts and aftermarket parts for GS's.

MAC Products Inc.

MAC sells exhausts for most vintage GS models. I have purchased them and they are made of very high quality and are often very affordable.

GS Repair Info

Brian Wringer Repair and Maintenance Pages

Brian Wringer hangs out here in the forum and I think he's been around since we started this thing. He has created pages on how to maintain various things on your GS so be sure to check it out.

Other Useful Websites

Facebook - Suzuki GS Owners Group

This Facebook group is open to everyone interested in or owning a Suzuki GS motorcycle. It gets quite a bit of activity and a lot of folks who hang here are typically forum members on this website also. Be sure to check it out.

All Suzuki Motorcycles Ever Built

This website is dedicated to all Suzuki's and their history. If you are looking for information on the history of your bike, then this website is a good place to start.