Front Caliper Rebuild - GS850GT and later

by Mark King (

This article gives you the details in how to rebuild a front brake caliper of a Suzuki GS motorcycle.

Editors Note: Though this shows a GS850 caliper being worked on, most of this information should apply for other GS models as well since all the calipers are very similar in design. This should apply to rear calipers as well.

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Once you have the calipers removed from the motorcycle, it is relatively easy to rebuild / rejuvenate them. If you have never attempted this before, read the instructions thoroughly and plan on doing the work over two days if you are repainting them. As you do more, it will become easier.

The most time will likely be spent cleaning and waiting for paint to dry. For cleaning you should have on hand soapy water, brake fluid and brake cleaner along with rags and a stiff nylon bristled toothbrush, or similar small brush. A pick set comes in handy as well.

The photos used in this explanation show a caliper with relatively few miles on it, but one that sat outside for a number of years and then in a dusty garage for a few more. This is the first tear down for this one in 38 years. It is a right hand caliper but the left is the same only mirrored.

I purchased and installed a new kit, but re-used the pistons.

A vice comes in handy for the initial tear down. But, you can do this without a vice if needed.

Teardown and Cleanup

Place the Caliper Holder in the vice and remove the two Axle Bolts.

caliper pic