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By filling in this registration form, you and your bike will be added to The GSResources motorcycle registry. Please consult the GS Model Chart before attempting to fill out this form in order to determine the full model designation for your GS.

Privacy concerns? Of course we can't prevent anyone from getting this information, but we have taken steps to safeguard it as much as we possibly can. You can also be sure that the information will not be used by us for any commercial purposes.

Speaking of privacy, you are probably wondering why you are being asked for "The city where you born?". On the old website there was no way that you could update or delete your entry. So if at some point you want to do this then go to Features-Owner's Registry-Edit or Delete an Entry. Enter your ID followed by the city you were born in. If the city is correct you can then immediately update or delete your entry without having to wait for an email to be sent. Why is that important? Because if the reason for wanting to edit your entry is because your email address changed and no longer works then you won't be able to edit your entry.

Please Note...

Once a year is selected, only valid models that were made during that year are displayed. If you find that your year and/or model is not listed, then click here to let Frank know.

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