The Stator Papers

What are "The Stator Papers"?

The Stator Papers are a series of pages dedicated to the #1 electrical issue that strikes GS's, that is, charging circuit overcharging. It is a very common issue. The problem is that sooner or later, all GS owners will probably experience it.

It also has a habit of striking where you least expect it. For me, it was almost exactly at the halfway point of a 500 mile ride. Did I mention that it's usually at the most inconvenient time when it decides to happen?

"Hey buddy, do you have a spare regulator for a 1981 Suzuki GS?"

So check out the following articles about the GS's famed charging system. In here is a technical explanation as to why it happens, how to troubleshoot it and what you need to do to fix it. A good suggestion would be to go through all the pages and from there decide how you would like to proceed. Typically performing the Quick Test followed by the Fault Finding Chart would be a good way to start. Good luck!!!!