The GS Owners Map

This is the future home of the new GS Owner's Map. You may be wondering what happened to the old map. Google has decided that they had been giving Google Maps away for too long and they needed to make money off of users that were using it. After all, they are aren't making enough money, right.

So I am in the process of hunting down a map service that we can use in order to bring back the GS Owner's Map. With the old implementation, there was a lot of hands on work that was done in order to populate the map. With the new implementation, I will be using the Owner's Registry to populate the map. My plan is that if you enable the option in your Owner Registry entry to display your info on the mao, then when viewing the map, you would see a pushpin displaying your name at your city/state location.

I am currently researching online map suppliers and so far MapBox is looking good. There may be a nominal monthly cost associated with it but we'll see.

I'll keep you informed!