The GS Owners Map

A while back a discussion was brought up about having some way to visually see where all the GS owners were on a map. Besides just the obvious cool factor, some people thought it might be useful when traveling. If their bike broke down then they could look on the map and see who might be close by to help.

So now we introduce the new GS Owners Map! We hope you like it.

This map runs on data contained within a Google Earth file (.KML) that is created and maintained by Rob Hayward (forum name azr). This file can also be downloaded and used in Google Earth on your computer or tablet.

If you would like to download the file from our website to use in Google Earth or if you would like to have yourself added to the map then please go to Rob's forum thread here for instructions.

NOTE: As Rob mentions in his forum post, you can have any information that you want pop-up when your icon is clicked on. If you would like to be able to provide assistance to fellow GS'ers who break down near your location then you may want to provide a telephone number.