1982 GS1100EZ review

by Bill Chandler

Specifications:  DOHC inline 4 cylinder
Bore x stroke 72 x 66mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Horse power 92.6 BHP @8 500 RPM
59.67b-ft torque @ 6500 RPM
Curb weight, 562 lbs (fully gassed)

Description: This bike has a 16 valve, TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers) and fully adjustable suspension (front and rear). Engine breaths through 4 ea, 34mm Mikuni's. Dual 11" (single pot) disc brakes in front with a Single 11" disc in rear. Wheelbase is 59.4" with 28deg rake and 4.57" of trail. Transmission is a 5 speed gear-box, (1 down, 4 up). Instrument cluster features: Speedo (85mph max), Tach (redline @ 9000rpm), oil temp, fuel level and gear indicator. The dash also includes indicator lamps for brake light fault, hi beam, sidestand, turn signals, neutral, battery and alternator. Wheels are cast (with tubes). 8" head lamp up front (the big one!). Tank holds 5.0 Gal (US) and has a range of about 170 Miles (on reserve at 140 Mi.) The was the first year Suzuki introduced Anti-dive valves on front forks (too bad they didn't work).

Pricing: I've seen prices run from $1000 to $2200 depending on condition and miles.

History: The EZ is the 3rd 1100 in the series. Beginning with the ET in 1980 followed by the EX in 1981. The final version was produced in 83 and signified by the letters ED.

Early production 82's and all previous models used pressed roller cranks. These were prone to "twisting" during HARD acceleration. The remedy (by the factory) was to WELD the crank sections. This was implemented halfway through the 82 production year.

Two colors were offered: Deep RED and Champagne.

I purchased my 82 GS in Aug 94. Two prior owners, both in their 50's. No records, but condition indicated that it was not pushed hard. Bike had been down once, low speed, driveway drop. Minor damage to right muffler which had been replaced with new factory original. Prior owner had also added a plastic windshield, tank bag and saddle bags. Mileage has been consistent around 35 mph. This is lower than factory specs (47mpg) not sure why but may have to do with right wrist position. I hit reserve at 140 miles and dry at 170 (though I've not done this). Oil used is Spectro Gold 10/40 changed every 2000 miles.

Modifications: Replaced Metzlers (ME33 front and ME88 rear) with Dunlop 491's (much improved!!), Steel braid brake lines (Russell), Rifle Fairing (Sport) with 18" windshield (this was replaced with a Wes Cooley replica fairing, color matched of course, in 97), Barnett Clutch and Chrome case savers. Front and rear suspension was replaced by "Progressive" (front) and "Works Performance" (rear). This made MAJOR improvements in the bike's handling and control. Stock exhaust was replaced (in 97) with 4 to 1 unit from Motad (UK based mfg). I liked this system because it did not require replacement of air box OR rejetting carbs. Nice sound too.

Opinion: This is my first bike in 15 years. I wanted a (standard) UJM for comfort and touring. I've been to Laguna Seca 3 times (~250miles one way) and have had no problems except some toosh discomfort.

I commute to work daily (44 miles round trip) and it's a perfect fit. Took some getting use to, the large (and powerful) motor, at first. But I enrolled in a C.L.A.S.S. riding school (Sears Point) and this made a BIG difference in my confidence and knowledge of this bike.

Cautions: When replacing front brake pads, noticed uneven wear on right side caliper disc's. This was attributed to dirt buildup on caliper/pad interface. The metal backing of the pad (edge closest to ground) is supposed to move freely during braking. Excessive dirt is blown back and collects around this area causing the free movement to be restricted. Make sure to lube and seal the tach cable. When dry it squeals bad and leaks oil from top of engine connection. Gas tank float will fall off in tank. This is caused by poor swedging of washer on float rod. Side covers (mounting tabs) will break off easily. Poor plastic design with no good fix. Tire Balance and alignment is critical. High speed wobbles if this is not observed.